Programs & Committees


Metro West Kane County Animal Control Task Force

Since 2007, Metro West has been working with Kane County on behalf of Kane County municipalities to negotiate animal control services contract issues. Metro West is now working collaboratively with Kane County to plan a second animal control shelter.

Stephan Pickett, President of Sleepy Hollow, Chairman

Staff contact: Mary Randle, Executive Director
Police Chief (TBN)

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee, with the assistance of the executive director and input from the Treasurer, is responsible for providing financial oversight of the organization. The committee advises on financial planning, budget development and risk management. It reviews and recommends financial policy and procedures. The Committee provides Board members with an understanding of their financial responsibilities. 


Dan DiSanto, Chair
Metro West Treasurer
Village of Oswego

Rob Fredrickson
Finance Director

United City of Yorkville

Bill Hannah
Finance Director 
Village of North Aurora



Ruth Kruse
Finance Manager
City of Geneva

Justin Vanvooren
Finance Director
Village of Montgomery


Mary Randle, Executive Director

Legislative Committee

The Metro West Legislative Committee monitors and evaluates the impact of pending state and federal legislation and regulations as they affect the well-being of residents in Metro West’s member municipalities (DeKalb, Kane, and Kendall Counties). The Committee guides Council members in responding to legislative issues and may also recommend and develop legislative proposals to address problems and issues that have been raised by its member municipalities.

Legislative Positions
Each year the Committee recommends legislative priorities and positions that guide the Council’s legislative actions and activities and provide a focus for lobbying efforts. 

2018 Legislative Positions

Springfield Drive Down
Council members have the opportunity to participate in the legislative processes of the Illinois General Assembly through the annual Springfield Drive Down and attending events and meetings with legislators and other governmental officials.

State of the Counties
At the annual State of the Counties event, the Kane, Kendall and DeKalb County Board Chairmen present the accomplishments of the County governments and the challenges that they face.

Legislative Barbecue
The annual Legislative Barbecue & Session Review features an overview by the Metro West lobbyist of the successes and failures of the most recently completed legislative session from a municipal perspective.

Legislative Chair/Administrator-United City of Yorkville, Bart Olson, 630.553.4350
Legislative Vice-Chair


Bart Olson, Committee Chair
United City of Yorkville

Stephanie Dawkins, Administrator
City of Geneva

Kathy Field Orr
Metro West Legal Counsel

Jennifer Johnsen, Administrator
Village of East Dundee


Mike Millette, Trustee

Village of Campton Hills


Ray Munch, Management Analyst
City of DeKalb

Matt Pasquini, Intern
City of Geneva

Alex Voigt, Assistant to the Mayor                                                                     
City of Aurora

Pete Wallers,
Metro West Engineering Consultant

Erin Willrett, Assistant Administrator
United City of Yorkville

Intergovernmental Relations

Metro West Council works collaboratively with a number of governmental entities and regional public and private agencies, boards and committees to facilitate intergovernmental cooperation and to provide the municipal perspective on relevant issues.  The Council works to ensure that municipal viewpoints are represented at the earliest possible stages of decision making. 

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Membership and Programs Committee

The Membership and Programs Committee addresses membership issues, promotes membership in Metro West and makes recommendations on new membership programs and services. Most recently, the committee developed a membership brochure and examined the issue of associate memberships. The Committee meets periodically as needed.


Dale Berman, President, Village of North Aurora


Strategic Plan Committee

The Strategic Plan Committee is responsible for ensuring the Metro West continues making progress toward fulfilling its long-range Strategic Plan. The Committee accomplishes this by annually reviewing the Metro West Strategic Plan with the Board of Directors and recommending policy, program and activity priorities for the coming year. The Committee is chaired by the Metro West Board Secretary and meets at least three times each year.


Steve Bosco, Administrator, Village of North Aurora, Chair                                                                                                                                                                             Dan DiSanto, Administrator, Village of Oswego, Chair
Stephan Pickett, Village President of Sleepy Hollow
Staff Support: Mary Randle, Executive Director

Transportation Task Force

The Metro West Transportation Task Force was formed to gather information on transportation funding processes; educate members about these sources, make recommendations about forming a standing transportation committee and identify possible transportation goals for the committee and Metro West.


TBN                       Chairman
TBN, Vice-Chair
Brent Eichelberger, Administrator of Sugar Grove

Water Conservation Task Force

Water supply issues have been identified as a critical issue in the Metro West area. The Metro West Water Conservation Task Force was formed in the summer of 2008 in response to this need. Its mission is:

  • to educate municipalities and their residents of the need for water resource management in the Metro West region,
  • to create a resource “toolkit” for all municipalities and residents to utilize with a centralized source for updates and information, and
  • to develop partnerships to implement water resource management strategies.

The Task Force was instrumental in the formation of the Northwest Water Planning Alliance (NWPA). The Water Conservation Task Force has been disbanded and those resources are now concentrated in the NWPA. The NWPA brings together five councils of government and five counties in a voluntary partnership for water supply planning.


Metro West Representatives:

David Kaptain, Mayor of Elgin, Chairman of NWPA

Dale Berman, Mayor of North Aurora, Secretary of NWPA

Gary Golinski, President of United City of Yorkville. delegate

Gail Johnson, President of Village of Oswego, delegate

Peter Wallers, Metro West Consulting Engineer, Technical Advisory Committee Chairman

Administrative Support: Mary Randle, Executive Director Metro West